2012 can be a survivable event...But only if you're in the right place, have the right skills and make the necessary preparation...NOW!

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If you’re anything like me you’re sitting there going yeah right, 2012 is just another “sky-is-falling” Chicken Little type of event that is just a lot of hype like the Y2K bug in 2000.  That was me up until very recently when I started to do my own research on 2012, Planet X and the numerous other apocalyptic scenarios out there.  What changed? I recently had kids and everything changed.  I simply thought to myself how can I as a father, husband and son not do everything I can to make sure that I give my family a fighting chance to survive perhaps the biggest threat not only to them but to humans as a species as possible.  How could I just be ok to leave their lives possibly in jeopardy?

What if the Crazy’s are Right?

What if the crazy, crackpot theories about 2012 are right? Then what? Just accept fate and let it slide? I couldn’t.  I decided to act and that at a minimum I would do the research necessary to:

  1. Understand the REAL threat of the different 2012 apocalyptic scenarios from a Planet X/Nibiru flyby, to prolonged solar storms, to a radical pole shift of the earth’s mantle as we cross the galactic plane at the center of the Milky Way.
  2. Determine what and if there was anything realistically you could do about it and if you could have any chance of surviving regardless of your preparedness.
  3. Analyze the destruction predictions and patterns for each scenario to identify definitive areas not to be and to locate potential locations that have the best odds of surviving the initial events and the prolonged aftereffects.
  4. Catalogue all of the necessary survival skills you would need to have a real fighting chance to survive if you and your family were lucky enough or prepared enough to be in a survivable location.


What did I find in all my research? The Mayan calendar is just one of literally dozens of different apocalypse theories, legends, prophecies, hypotheses and anthropological evidence that in at least one significant way support an earth-wide cataclysm happening in 2012.

Here is just some of the other very, very interesting cooperating evidence that I have discovered that lends itself to support a disaster scenario in 2012:

  1. Planet X/Nibiru was depicted in numerous early drawings and tablets created by the Sumerians – the earliest known civilization known to man who depicted it as a 12 planet in our solar system and which they referenced as the “destroyer” when they lived through its last flyby roughly 3600 years ago.
  2. In 1982 Planet X was publically unveiled as a mysterious new astronomical discovery in US News and World Report – since then you have not seen or heard about it ever again in mainstream media.
  3. The Chinese “I Ching” (its oldest book) that is used to provide horoscope like predictions based on the roll of dice when represented as math and plotted against a timeline has accurately predicted WWII and the fall of the Roman Empire ends abruptly on December 21, 2012.
  4. The Prophecy of St. Malachi states that the last Pope will be known as Benedictus…Our current Pope is Pope Benedict.
  5. According to Hinduism, we are currently living in the age of the Kali Yuga, the state of human existence marked by corruption and greed which ends in a rebirth of the age of the Dwapara Yuga which symbolizes a new age of enlightenment in 2012.

I could go on and on and I do in the book…

More importantly back to the “What if?”  What if I convinced you with my laundry list of theories and coincidental evidence, or if just like me you determined that at minimum the possibility of a threat that large demanded some respect and forethought to see if there was anything I could do within my current means as an average working father and husband.
Here’s how my thinking went, and ultimately how I compiled the critical details for SurvivalPlan2012.

Step 1: Figure Out Where to Be

Of all the things you can do to give you and your family a chance of surviving is to be in the right location.  You can’t just be anywhere unfortunately.  You have to account for the obvious worst case scenarios like tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and  tornadoes; but you’ll also have to account for the elements that post-destruction will be critical to your survival -  rainfall amounts and access to ground water, soil types to support farming, lawless competition for resources,  temperature changes, etc.


Projected Ash Fallout from Yellowstone Eruption in 2012

SurvivalPlan2012 gives you a mapping of high-probable survivable locations so you can at least plan where to head if it does ever get as bad as some say it will.

Step 2: Preparing to be Completely Self-Sufficient

Again planning for the worst and assuming you can make one of the locations that we specify in SurvivalPlan2012, what then?

Realistically you’ll only be able to carry a few days of food and water if you have to get out of dodge quickly and if you’re already in a probable survival location maybe you can manage to stock away a couple of weeks or months of food if you’re lucky.  Past that however, you are going to be on your own and you will need to have MacGuvyer like skills at the ready to deal with a life that is now probably more like the 1800’s than anything our generations have ever experienced.

SurvivalPlan2012 catalogues all the critical survival skills you’ll need to not only to survive, but to help you thrive in a worst case post apocalyptic world.  This information is organized in an “as-needed” format, so you don’t have to worry about learning these techniques now, but that you can quickly reference them later and learn what you need to deal with the situation at hand.

SurvivalPlan2012 will ensure you know:

  • Which plants in North America are edible and which ones aren’t
  • How to make a charcoal based water filtration system to clean drinking water and how to purify it through chemical, boiling and ozonation techniques
  • How to make a wood gassifier to power mechanical engines without gasoline
  • How to build a small electric radio wave receiver and transmitter
  • What’s needed and how to weld metal
  • How to convert AC and DC electricity to cross power needed electrical items
  • What individual daily water intake requirements are and how to dig a well to access ground water
  • How to cook meats with nothing but the sun
  • How to build fires even in snow without matches or fuels
  • How to build a hand powered electrical generator for use in flashlights, radios, etc.
  • How to snare small animals out in the wild
  • What bugs and other nasty critters you can eat to stay alive
  • How to make a make shift compass to navigate with and how to navigate accurately without one
  • How to germinate seeds for planting
  • How to make homemade solar panels
  • How to make your own fishing hooks and traps with everyday items
  • How to communicate with Morse Code

SurvivalPlan2012 will also inform you how to create a secret cache of food and survival items that you can place in a probable survival location; including:  what vendors to use and what you’ll need to make it worthwhile.

And much, much more that you have as a reference when you need it!


Ground Water Depths - 2012 US

Step 3: Rebuilding for the Long Term

Assuming you make it to a survivable location and you have the skills to survive the first few months without electricity, running water and the other realities of life in a post apocalyptic world; you’ll need to quickly need to turn your attention to long-term survival. 
SurvivalPlan2012 provides instructions on how to set up sustainable farming, accessing geothermal heat sources and other techniques that will be critical to long-term survival once the initial dangers past.


Frost Depths for US - 2012

In a nutshell, SurvivalPlan2012 has everything you need to understand the risks, where to be and what skills you’ll need to survive ANY 2012 scenario, including:

  1. The major evidence indicating that on Dec 21, 2012 the world will experience a major cataclysmic event that will alter human life forever
  2. Detailed  descriptions of the various 2012 disaster scenarios, along with their probabilities of actually happening and the dangers to human life they represent  – from shifting magnetic poles, to Planet X flybys to rogue asteroid attacks to increased solar storms and cosmic rays
  3. What the end of electricity and 1st world food distribution operations will have on life as we know it
  4. How to prepare for mass public hysteria and marshal law
  5. What variables like sea level, frost depth, volcanic ash spread, ground faults, rainfall amounts and depth to ground water and others prioritize what locations in North America provide the highest probable likelihood of survival given each disaster scenario and what locations you simply cannot afford to be in under any circumstance
  6. How to effectively plan an escape plan from major metropolitan centers and getting to caches of stored supplies and resources to make it to a high probability survival locations
  7. How to preserve what supplies and food stores you’re able to muster to elongate your survival timetable
  8. What the timeframes of different disaster scenarios will look like to aid in planning
  9. What survival skills you will need to survive without electricity, running water, oils and fuels, medicines and access to commercially available foods
  10. How and where to plan and build a long-term survival plan including the skills you will need to access ground water, purifying water supplies, growing your own food, and how to develop building materials from raw materials
  11. What suppliers offer great preparedness products from dried and bulk food items, to storage kits and shelter in place options
  12. And all the raw survival skills you’ll need to deal with any situation!
Survival Plan 2012 eBook

Feedback & Testimonials
“I really enjoyed the simplicity and organization of SurvivalPlan2012, its really light on fluff and gets right to the point about what the different risks are, where you need to be, and the skills you will need to give you and your family the best chance of survival…Its truly a great starting resource and reference that you can use to start preparing and hedge your risk”
Steven B., Allentown PA

Feedback & Testimonials
“There is a lot of hype out there about 2012, SurvivalPlan2012 separated a lot of the probable from the hysterical fear mongering about stuff that is only a remote possibility.  After having my husband read it too, we were able to decide that hedging out bets as outlined in the book made a lot of sense and won’t require a lot of sacrifice on our part now to make sure that if it does get bad we’re in an advantageous position.”
Mary J., Tenafly NJ

Feedback & Testimonials
“I honestly think that the whole 2012 thing is a load of BS, but I liked the idea that I would have everything that I need all in one place to survive if turns out I am wrong…While I don’t anticipate there being an issue, being prepared is good practice and I feel that SurvivalPlan2012 gave me a lot of information in once place I haven’t thought about since my boy scout days.”
Jim S., Stevens IA

Survival Plan 2012 eBook

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You won’t find a more comprehensive and efficient collection of skills, information and techniques that can help assure you survive any 2012 situation.  Information is presented in graphical formats and only the essential detail necessary for you to understand what you need when you need it.

Don’t be fooled by other 2012 survival products that prey on your fear and don’t offer real world solutions to the problems you will encounter!